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Park At Hotel

Safely park your car at the hotel for your entire trip - at no extra cost.

Sleep Soundly

Stay at the hotel the night before or after your trip.

Shuttle to Cruise Port

A shuttle will take you to the cruise port and pick you back up when you return.

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Top Hotels Near SGF with Long Term Parking Packages

LaQuinta Inn & Suites Airport Plaza
6 miles from SGF
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

Springfield-Branson (SGF) National Airport

One of the biggest hassles of traveling is dealing with Springfield'Branson Airport parking. It's expensive, far from the airport, and searching for where you left your car after a long trip is definitely not the way you want to come home! Through, you can get some of the best long-term parking rates there are. Book in advance to guarantee your space, and if your plans change, cancellations are always free.

If you happen to be flying out early or have a long drive to the Springfield'Branson Airport, our Park Sleep Fly package deals can save you time and money. These convenient packages include an airport hotel stay, SGF Airport parking, and shuttle transportation to make the morning of your flight simple, smooth, and easy.

What Travelers Love About the Springfield-Branson Airport

Friendly staff and an impeccably clean, well-managed building draw travelers to the Springfield-Branson Airport. While the airport is small, it offers travelers a nice place to rest and recharge before moving on to the next stage in their journey, and a pleasant experience for travelers departing or arriving home. The staff are incredibly friendly and always looking for ways to make travelers' journeys easier, which can be a rarity when traveling! The small size of the airport means that it's easy to navigate. All in all, travelers' pleasant experiences when interacting with the Springfield-Branson airport are indicative of the pride airport staff takes in their work.

What Travelers Don't Love About the Springfield-Branson Airport

When traveling, getting a decent meal can be a bit of a pain. Unfortunately, food options at the Springfield-Branson Airport are limited. The main restaurant, McAllister's, serves ready-made food which is then heated to order. Due to the fact that everything offered at McAllister's comes ready-made, no substitutions or removals can be made to accommodate dietary restrictions or taste. For this reason, travelers with dietary restrictions should make sure they have some snacks packed in case there isn't something to their liking.

Interesting, Fun, and Offbeat Experiences to Have at the Springfield-Branson Airport

The Springfield-Branson airport was redesigned in the early part of the 2000s, opening in 2009. It was designed with accessibility for all passengers in mind ' so take note of the fact that you can walk from your car to your gate without ever needing to climb a single step!

The Springfield-Branson Airport also features a rotating collection of local art. Designed to showcase the talents of local artists as well as to celebrate the place of air travel in our culture, each "show" features a collection of art designed around a theme. Seeking out the artworks placed throughout the building is a great way to pass the time while waiting for a flight!

History of the Springfield-Branson Airport

In 2009, the Springfield-Branson Airport completed a $117 million, 275,000 square foot renovation designed to bring the airport into the modern era. The renovation includes a total of 10 terminals, with the option to add up to 50 more as necessary to meet future demand.

The Springfield-Branson Airport is entirely self-supporting, so it draws on no taxpayer dollars at the local or state level in order to keep itself running. A combination of user fees, business revenue, and airline contracts work in conjunction with federal grants to support the continued operation of the Springfield-Branson Airport.